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Here are downloadable print resources for information that describes Vision Technology Management, its business and its services:

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Why was Vision Technology Management formed?
Who is Vision Technology Management?
Vison Technology Services Offered
The most important thing is to not stop questioning. ~ Albert Einstein
The need to have someone focus on your technology needs is not just something that agriculture is focused.
To the right are some articles, agricultural and non-agricultural, that identify the need of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO).
This is typically not a resource that every business can afford on its own.  That is where Vision Technology Management can provide the services of a CTO.  While Vision Technology Management may not have all of the answers, Vision has the resources to either find the answers or refer our clients to those who do have the answers.

Vision Tech Perspectives Podcast

In our Podcast, discover perspectives on effectively navigating the business aspects of ag technology and preparing for the future of the industry.