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Vision Technology Management’s purpose is to work with our clients to enable them to make better, more informed and profitable use of the technology tools on their operation.  
That purpose also includes collaborating with our customers’ current vendors, including agronomy, equipment, technology, grain and livestock.  
We will work with our clients and their vendors to build stronger relationships to drive greater results 

Technology Implementation

Target Audience:  Agri Businesses and Growers: 

  • Identify and Evaluate Technology Business Objectives
  • Evaluate Current Technology on the Operation
  • Build a Technology Business and Shared Action Plan
  • Walk Through the Season to Implement Plan
  • Evaluate the Plan’s KPI’s
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Program Research and Evaluation

  • Identify key programs that might fit client’s operation.
  • Evaluate each program and how it best integrates into the operation
  • Offer options on which programs provide best financial return on investment

Product Research and Evaluation 

(Software and Hardware)

Target Audience:  Agri Businesses and Growers: 

  • Identify the needs and objectives, current and future,  of the operation
  • Identify and research the available tools
  • Present best options of potential vendors for customer to interview
  • Assist customer in decision-making process
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Market Research

Target Audience:  Agri Businesses

  • Perform market research to identify target market
  • Identify market opportunities
  • Identify business entry strategies

Open Scope of Work

Vision Technology Management is open to
new services or coaching opportunities that arise and are within our expertise.  
As a small company, we have great flexibility to investigate any questions that arise in an operation or the industry and the possible affect on your business.
With our flexibility we are able to customize projects to your business, to your farm and to your area of operation.
Feel free to contact us to discuss your operation’s technology business needs.
There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind. ~ C.S. Lewis