Why did you purchase the technology on your operation?

> Was it included with another purchase?  Such as steering  or telemetry coming as standard equipment with your tractor or combine?

> Did you have a friend, neighbor or salesman tell you that it is really cool and that you should get it?  …And you bought it with the best of intentions?

> But the real question should be…Did you have a business goal or objective behind the purchase of the technology?


At Vision Technology Management, we want to help you look at the business side of technology.


We want to work with you and your team to:

> Identify what you expected to accomplish with the technology
> Ensure you have the technology tools to meet or exceed those expectations
> Build a business plan to attain those expectations and a shared action plan to implement the plan
> Walk with our customers through the whirlwind of everyday business with the added technology objectives
> We will be there throughout the season and will review the plan and the key performance indicators for the season/year to see how we won and how we learned
Strategy Concept - Chess Board with Abstract Pattern Superimposed
You must be strategic in your thinking, develop the tactics to accomplish your goals and intentional in your actions to be successful