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“Join Vision Technology Management founder Dave Swain and agricultural veteran Doug Johnson as they delve into the business side of agricultural technology. With nearly 80 years of combined industry experience, they provide thought-provoking insights and perspectives on different issues. Together, they explore how the industry sometimes overlooks the essential aspect of ag technology: the business behind it. Discover their perspectives on effectively navigating the business aspects of ag technology and preparing for the future of the industry.”

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Emoji Contracts – What’s the Legality? (#22)

In 2023, a grain contract was, accidently or on purpose, executed with an emoji response to a text from the grain merchandizer. There was disagreement on the intent of the response. It went to the courts and was upheld. So what’s the future of how contracts can be executed?

In this episode of Vision Tech Perspectives, we talk with Todd Janzen, Attorney, out of Indianapolis, Indiana to get a legal perspective on the mentioned case as well as how the industry may move forward going into the future.

Join us for the conversation!

Why Isn’t Ag Adopting Tech at a Higher Rate (#21)

Ag Technology has been pretty much mainstream since the mid-1990’s.Today, our personal lives are inundated with technology from our phones, to our vehicles, even our homes can be set up as “smart devices.”So why are farmers and ranchers so reluctant to adopt the ag technology on their operations?On this episode of Vision Tech Perspectives, we ask those questions and try to provide some insights on the “why not” and offer insights to better move forward in the industry.

The Avian Flu with Dr. Bret Marsh, DVM (#20)

We’ve been reading all kinds of things about the “Bird Flu,” “Avian Flu”, H5N1 and more names that I’m not sure I can remember.

But what is the real story that’s not in the media? What’s being done about mitigating this virus? Could this be the “next big thing” in the news outside of agriculture?

We ask the questions that we and probably others are wanting to know about the “Bird Flu” and its infection in dairy herds and reported cases in people.

We talk with Dr. Bret Marsh, DVM, the Indiana state veterinarian and someone who is on the front lines of this issue and hear more about the virus and what is being done to corral this virus. (And, yes, pun intended. 🙂 )

What do I need to consider when looking at diversifying (#17)

You’re looking at a limited market as your operation stands today. How do you grow the operation, whether you are just looking at growth or if you are needing to expand for kids returning to the operation.In this episode, we discuss some of the things that should be considered when looking at diversifying the operation.

Government Policies and Programs (#18)

Policies and programs have been a part of agriculture for years, but they seem to be taking on a more significant role in today’s operations as we need to navigate, not just the farm bill, but the more political programs, such as the Inflation Reduction Act 45Z and Carbon Sequestration as an example.

Do you know what is going on with policy and programs that will affect your operation?

Doug and Dave discuss some of the key topics of policies and programs in this episode of Vision Tech Perspectives.

The 2024 Ag Tech Landscape (#17)

In this episode, Doug and Dave discuss the fast-paced Ag Technology market.

Today, a lot is going on with mergers & acquisitions, buyouts, VC investments and a whole slew of start ups.

But what does that mean for the customer, agribusiness or grower? What do they buy? Who do they trust for a longer-term relationship?

These questions and more in this episode of Vision Tech Perspectives.

Landlords, Tenants & Farm Management Companies (#16)

Landlords, Tenants & Farm Management companies.

How is this dynamic changing in the industry?

In this episode, Doug and Dave discuss what is happening with land rental auctions, dealing with the absentee landlords and working with the respective farm management companies.

Enjoy the conversation!

Carbon Contracts – How Should you Approach (#15)

There are so many things going on with Carbon Sequestration and the contracts that are available in the market today, Doug and Dave discuss some of the things that are going on and what to keep on eye on when considering entering the carbon market.