Should You Question Your Banker w Special Guest Alan Hoskins

Historically, there are aspects of business, even outside of agriculture, that we have tended not to question. We find someone we like to work with and then we continue to do business with them. Without question. Without checking with other vendors to make sure we are getting what we need. One of those, outside of […]

Lab-Raised Meat – Episode #8

We've seen the commercials about “impossible burgers,” “beyond meat” and plant-based burgers. These are products that are using plant-based products to replicate the texture, the look and the taste of a beef hamburger. When we talk about “Lab-Raised Meat,” we are not talking about a plant-based product. We will be talking about meat raised from […]

What do these mean? ESG, Carbon, Methane and Lab Meat

You're in a conversation and, at some point, you realize that you're not really talking about the same things. Yes, you are using the same terms, but you realize that your definitions of those terms are different. Now there's confusion. That's really where we are, and have been in ag technology. Even when I was […]

How Do You Filter the Noise of Ag Technology – Urgent vs. Important

With all of the technology in the market and so much new technology being released every day, how to you discern between the Urgent vs. the Important? We talk about the noise of the industry and looking at what is Urgent vs. Important on your operation. Not your neighbor's or competitor's operation. Not the industry […]

What Should We Expect from Our Technology Tools?

We have an expectation in anything we do. Whether in our personal or professional life. How do you manage the expectations for the technology on your operation? Too many times we have “Unknown,” “Unrealistic” expectations for some of the technology we buy and then become very disappointed with the product or service and blame the […]

Wants vs. Needs – How to Strategize Your Ag Technology Payback

We all want to look at the new, shiny widgets and toys. That's what's cool. We all talk about something that we see and say “I need that for my operation.” But do we really need it…or do we just want it? Wanting something for the operation is fine, if we know that it is […]

The Barrell Theory

When evaluating tools, services and programs, how do you decide what to address. In this episode we'll discuss The Barrell Theory. The law of limiting factors. Join us and see how the Barrell Theory can be used on your operation to evaluate your technology.

Technology in the Context of the Operation

When you are evaluating technology tools, services and programs, you need to focus on the context of your operation and not worry about the media or hype of the respective product.

The Business of Ag Technology

What is the most expensive tool on your operation? It's the one that you are paying for, but not using or getting the full use of the functionality and the return on investment. What are you doing to best make use of the tools you have so that they meet your expectations? We talk about […]

Introduction to Vision Tech Perspectives

Who is Vision Tech Perspectives and what are they going to be talking about? This is a quick introduction to Vision Tech Perspectives on who will be in the conversation and the business of Ag Technology. We look forward to you joining us for this podcast series.