The 2024 Ag Tech Landscape (#17)

In this episode, Doug and Dave discuss the fast-paced Ag Technology market. Today, a lot is going on with mergers & acquisitions, buyouts, VC investments and a whole slew of start ups. But what does that mean for the customer, agribusiness or grower? What do they buy? Who do they trust for a longer-term relationship? […]

Landlords, Tenants & Farm Management Companies (#16)

Landlords, Tenants & Farm Management companies. How is this dynamic changing in the industry? In this episode, Doug and Dave discuss what is happening with land rental auctions, dealing with the absentee landlords and working with the respective farm management companies. Enjoy the conversation!

Carbon Contracts – How Should you Approach (#15)

There are so many things going on with Carbon Sequestration and the contracts that are available in the market today, Doug and Dave discuss some of the things that are going on and what to keep on eye on when considering entering the carbon market.

Land Grant Universities w/Dr. Jay Akridge, Purdue University, Part #1 (#12)

Where does the Land Grant University fit in today's fast moving ag tech industry? Our guest for this episode is Dr. Jay Akridge, former Dean of the College of Agriculture and former Provost of Purdue University. Currently, Jay is back on the faculty in Agricultural Economics at Purdue We had the opportunity to talk with […]

EIQ – What is it and its affect on agriculture

Our culture is inundated with acronyms. It has become a norm for agriculture as well. The latest acronym that we're now seeing is EIQ (Environmental Impact Quotient). In this episode, Doug and Dave discuss EIQ and how it intersects with ESG (Environmental, Social Governance) and how we will run our operations in the future. Join […]

Should You Question Your Banker w Special Guest Alan Hoskins

Historically, there are aspects of business, even outside of agriculture, that we have tended not to question. We find someone we like to work with and then we continue to do business with them. Without question. Without checking with other vendors to make sure we are getting what we need. One of those, outside of […]

Lab-Raised Meat – Episode #8

We've seen the commercials about “impossible burgers,” “beyond meat” and plant-based burgers. These are products that are using plant-based products to replicate the texture, the look and the taste of a beef hamburger. When we talk about “Lab-Raised Meat,” we are not talking about a plant-based product. We will be talking about meat raised from […]