We continue our conversation with Alan Hoskins. However, we change the subject to a sideline of Alan's. Used farm equipment.

That used to be a fairly simple topic. Evaluate what you need. Find options, whether at your local dealership or another farmer who is ready to sell. Make sure that the piece of equipment is sound and there are no surprises. And you make the purchase.

Today, it can be a little more complicated. A farmer or rancher still takes the above into consideration, but they now need to evaluate the technology that is on the used piece that is being considered. Hours and price are not all that you need to know.

Some things that need to be taken into consideration. Does the equipment have the same level of technology. For example. If your operation is using RTK correction for automatic steering, then you need to make sure that the used equipment has RTK or the upgrade to RTK is included in the purchase.

This is just the start of the conversation in the next episode of Vision Tech Perspectives. We continue our conversation with Alan Hoskins, President and National Sales Manager for American Farm Mortgage & Financial Services. Alan is a bit of a used equipment guy and we discuss the used equipment and the technology that we need to be aware of when we purchase used equipment.